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Did you know that most work-related injuries are covered by workers compensation insurance? Injuries that were sustained in an accident, such as a fall or mechanical malfunction are covered. Even injuries that occur from normal daily job duties are covered, such as carpal tunnel syndrome caused by too many consecutive hours at the computer, lung cancer caused by second-hand smoke at an institution permitting smoking, and all other types of repetitive trauma. By law, employers are required to minimize safety risks and make sure workers are not in danger. If you’ve been injured on the job, your employer’s insurance company has the responsibility to provide medical treatment and compensate you for missed time from work due to your injuries. They will also be responsible to pay for attendant care, if you cannot take care of all your personal needs for a period of time. Additionally, if your doctor has placed you on light duty, your employer should accommodate your restrictions. If they do not, the workers’ compensation insurance company will be responsible for compensating you while you are on light duty.

Sadow & Gorowitz represents clients in all types of work-related injuries across a wide range of industries and job types. Our firm takes pride in protecting people who become injured on the job and are in need of professional legal assistance.

Some of the types of cases we have handled include:

The Florida Legislature has created workers’ compensation laws to ensure the quick and efficient delivery of disability and medical benefits to an injured worker. In addition, these laws assist individuals in helping them return back to the workforce following recovery from their injury.

While workers’ compensation laws can be complicated and ever changing, our experienced attorneys know your rights and how to fight to get you the medical care and compensation you deserve. We invite you to contact us to discuss how we can hopefully resolve your legal issues. Suzanne Gorowitz has been representing injured workers for 18 years and her partner Richard Sadow has been in practice for over 30. Together their experience in the courtroom and in mediation representing workers has resulted in victorious judgements and settlements for the injured workers resulting in thousands of satisfied clients.

Our extensive experience has allowed us to become familiar with claim adjusters and insurance companies; we work hard to get you the compensation and medical care that you deserve. We file all the necessary forms to provide weekly benefits to clients who are out of work from their injury. From your initial phone call until complete resolution of your case, the lawyers and staff of Sadow & Gorowitz will assist you through every aspect of your case.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you to discuss how we can hopefully resolve your workers’ compensation issues. Please contact us at 305-539-9000 to schedule a free consultation. Or, you can contact us online.

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